Team's Medic

Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor
d6 d8 d6 d6 d8
Pace Parry Toughness Size Street Cred
6 5 8 0 d6
Driven (m) Find my Past
Enemy (m) Unknown creators
Heroic (M) Inclined to help others
Secret (M) Is a bioroid
Ruthless (m) Merciless in combat
Alertness Gains +2 to Notice Checks
Elan Gains +2 to Trait rolls when using a Benny
Martial Artist Add +1 Fighting rolls, Deals +d4 damage on unarmed attacks
Language Ability
English d8
Japanese d6
Spanish d6
Finances 2500

Grayson Adler

Rank: Novice
Race: Bioroid Origin: Insurgent
Height: 5’11" Weight: 215
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Sex: Male Age: 35
Skill Notes
Athletics Agi d4
Common Knowledge Sma d4
Driving Agi d4
Electronics Sma d4
Fighting Agi d6 +1 Unarmed Attacks
Hacking Sma d4
Healing Sma d6+2
Intimidation Spi d4
Notice Sma d6+2
Persuasion Spi d6
Repair Sma d4
Research Sma d4
Shooting Agi d8 Free reroll
Stealth Agi d6
Survival Sma d4
Thievery Agi d6
Augments          Strain: 8 Effect
Cybertech – Octagon Inc. Regenerative Tissues +2 Toughness, Self-Repair
Cybertech – Chimera Synaptic Anti-Catalyst Reroll (Shooting), Healing +2
Armor Value Locations Weight Notes
Armored Business Suit 3 Torso, Arms, Legs 5
BK Combat Fatigues 4 Torso, Arms, Legs 10 Camo (Urban +2), Web Gear, Holster
Armored Security BDU 4 Torso, Arms, Legs 6 Holster, Grey nondescript fatigues
PD Hooded Outlaw Duster 4 Torso, Arms 8 Compartment, EMP Resistance, Environmental Resistance (Cold)
Weapon Range Damage AP ROF Shots Weight Notes
RT 328ct Vengeance 12/24/48 2d6 2 1* 12 2 3RB, Laser Sight, Compact, Flash Suppressor, Tactical Rails, 2 Magazines
RT 328t Vengeance 12/24/48 2d6 2 1* 12 2 3RB, Flash Suppressor, Tactical Rails, 2 Magazines
RT 444t Scythe 12/24/48 2d6 1 3 30 10 Laser Sight, Tactical Rails, Biometric Safety, Recoil Comp 2, Folding Stock, Sling, 2 Magazines
RT 2220tx Vigilance 12/24/48 3d6 SBT 4 1 8 6 Gyroc, Laser Sight, Tactical Rails, Biometric Safety, Integral Silencer/Suppressor, Foregrip, Sling, Scabbard, 4 Magazines (‘Smart’ Ammo)
Mastadon Combat Shotgun 12/24/48 1-3d6 0 2 12 6 Laser Sight, Folding Stock, Foregrip, Sling, 2 Magazines
Martial Arts N/A Str+d4 0 1 - - +1 to Fighting Rolls, Not considered unarmed
Collapsible Baton - Str+d6 - - - 2 Collapsible +2 to Hide
Gear Quantity Weight Location Notes
Tac/Comm Unit 1 - R Ear Video Camera/Whisper Mic
Medical Diagnostics Band 1 - Wrist -1 Healing Penalty
TAP Display 1 1
Goggles 1 1 Low Light, Infravision, Image magnification
Sun Glasses 1 - Low Light, Image magnification
Skull Cap/Balaclava 1 - Mask
Backpack, Tactical 1 2 Quick Access
IFF Tags 4 - TAP Synced
Camera, Digital 1 1 Backpack
Flashlight 1 1 Backpack 10" Beam
GPS 1 25 Backpack ID’s proximity within x meters
Bug Scanner 1 5 Backpack Ignores -5 penalty to find bugs
A/V Bug 2 - Backpack -5 to Notice
Stimulant Inhaler 2 - Backpack Ignores 1 Fatigue for 1 Hour
Trauma Stabilizer 1 1 Backpack
TRIAGE Patch 1 - Backpack
Medic Kit 1 4 Backpack Ignore 1 wound penalty for heal checks. 10 Uses
Zip Ties 20 1 Backpack
Ruck Sack 1 3 Carried
Ammo, 9mm 100 4 Rucksack Standard 2d6 damage for Pistol/SMG
Ammo, 12ga Slug 24 1 Ruck Sack 2d10 at all ranges
Ammo, 12ga Shot 24 1 Ruck Sack 1-3d6 damage based on range, +2 Shooting
Scabbard, Rifle 1 1 Backpack Holds 1 Rifle
Scabbard, Vigilance 1 1 Backpack Custom (Holds RT 2220)
Holster, Pistol 1 5 Backpack Concealed
Multitool 1 1 Backpack Ignores 1 point of penalties
Scarlet Party girl and socialite that lives in Southside.
Juliet Gray’s enigmatic fiancée.
Undefined contact.
Undefined contact.
Novice - Smarts d8 Skill Edge
Seasoned Edge Attribute Skill Edge
Veteran Edge Attribute Skill Edge
Heroic Edge Attribute Skill Edge
Journal Entries
Missing Shipment 2095.06.15 Hired to recover stolen goods
Auction Action 2095.05.30 Tracking down a missing person does not go as planned
A Chance Encounter… 2095.04.05 It is always interesting to finally meet your neighbors
The Story so Far.. 2095.02.24 A more detailed backstory

My name is Gray, or at least that what I have identified myself as to you.  A few months ago, I was Devin Garrett – happily living my life in Roseland with my fiance, Juliet.  She was a doctor that I met at the Doctor’s Alliance Clinic in Roseland where I was going for physical/mental therapy for recover for an automobile accident I was in a few months prior.  On my way to an appointment, Juliet sent me a cryptic message telling me not to go to the clinic, or back home and to avoid anyone who may recognize me.  She told me to get to a storage locker and wait to hear back from her.  Confused, I complied and got to the locker, discovering it was stocked with a go-bag of gear, several weapons and several unsecured CryptoCards.

When I didn’t hear back from her the next day, I went to the clinic to see what I could discover.  While watching from around the block, I did not see her, but several men were in the lot in an argument of some sort.  They looked corporate or government type, both with guards who clearly meant business.  That night, I snuck back home to find it had been gone through with a fine-toothed comb by someone.  On my way out, I unexpectedly ran into my neighbor who seemed to be stalling me with idle chit-chat.  He suddenly attacked me and I surprisingly handled him his ass.  With the sounds of a chopper closing in, I left – carefully avoiding a police cordon around my neighborhood, complete with unmarked cars and trucks patrolling the area.  I can’t confirm that they were looking for me, but it seemed an unlikely coincidence.

That was two months ago, I haven’t heard a peep from Juliet, but I think that I saw her last week, across the street from the store I was in.  Once I got out, she (if it indeed was her) was driving away already.  The clinic where she worked is now just an empty office building for rent.  Neither Juliet, the clinic and anyone I know associated with it, or myself seem to exist on the Net.  My accident is not to be found, it is not documented anywhere.  Even my parents in Columbus cannot be found.  Their phone just clicks and goes dead.  I now live under a new identity.  I need to find out who I am and uncover what this mystery around me is.  I have not the skills or resources to look into this on my own.  I need people I can trust and willing to help me.  

I have recently been working with a group of people who have skills and moral ambiguity to help me find out who I am, and we have been taking some jobs with to earn money to fund my investigation. Queen – a ex-military cat-hybrid pilot and drone jockey. Automatic – a mechanic and driver, Stack Overflow – a chatty android hacker with delusions of sentience and Crazy Ivan – an apparent net-celebrity who constantly streams his annoying antics on some stupid channel with some ties to the Russian mafia, or so he claims.


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