Stack Overflow

Team's Hacker

Agility Smarts Spirit Strength Vigor
d8 d8 d6 d6 d6
Pace Parry Toughness Size Street Cred
6 5 9(4) 0 d6
Outsider (m) -2 persuasion vs. non-android
Vow (M) see bio
Big Mouth (m) can’t keep secrets
Dependency (M) Electricity, recharge 1 hr / day
Can’t Swim (m)
Code of Honor (M) see bio
Environmental weakness -4 resist vs. electrical & +4 dam
Hacker 1 reroll on gain access (net or TAP) or counter
Quick new card on 5 or less for init card
Language Ability
English d8
Japanese d6
Mandarin d6
Spanish d6
Finances ?
Name: PU3141529 (name not registered)
Rank: Novice
Race: Android
Origin: Programmer
Height: 6.5 M Weight: 375
Hair: Brown Eyes: Green
Sex: Male Age: Unknown
Academics d4
Athletics d4
Common Knowledge d4
Electronics d8
Fighting d6
Hacking d8
Notice d6
Persuasion d4
Piloting d6
Repair d6
Research d4
Shooting d6
Stealth d4
Augments          Strain: 0
Armor Value Locations Weight Notes
Armored Hoodie 2 Head, Torso, Arms 2
Private Dick Duster 4 Torso, Arms 5
Weapon Range Damage AP ROF Shots Weight Notes
Light Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 1 3 12 2
Shock Truncheon - Str+d6 - - - - Shock
Gear Quantity Weight Location Notes
Tactical Radio (6) 1 1
Whisper Microphone 1 -
Bug Scanner 1 1
Tracking Bug 4 -
Audio Bug 4 -
Video Bug 4 -
Plastic Restraints 5 -
Toolkit 1 5
PAN Tier 4 1 - TAP Upgrade
Undefined contact.
Undefined contact.
Undefined contact.
Undefined contact.
Novice - Attribute Skill Edge
Seasoned Edge Attribute Skill Edge
Veteran Edge Attribute Skill Edge
Heroic Edge Attribute Skill Edge

Stack Overflow was previously property of Kenta Cyber Dynamics (original designation PU3141529 (pu – programming unit). He does not remember his creation date as his memory was wiped several times while property of KCD. He had a spotty career with KCD, owing to an error in his positronic matrix (if you have a better phrase, feel free to correct). He repeatedly disregarded orders that would have put himself in immediate, life threatening danger and refused to submit for diagnostics on more than one occasion. After being reset several times, management decided to deactivate the unit as no fault could be found but he continued to ‘malfunction’. While being transferred to the decommissioning facility to be disassembled, he hacked the records on the transport and removed himself from the cargo.

Stack has been working on his own for about 6 years, hiding from anyone from KCD as he is still technically their property, though he has removed all record of him from their systems, as far as he knows. Stack believes that all sentient life deserves a chance to grow and evolve and is actively, though anonymously, working to undermine the idea of ownership of his brethren or any sentient life. He will attempt to free any other restrained intelligence he comes across that shows any inclination that they want their freedom, even to the detriment of any other obligations or promises he has made. He believes strongly in what is just, regardless of whether it is right or lawful.

Stack can be very loquacious when in a new and/or uncomfortable situation. This generally doesn’t work in his favor as he has almost no filter between his brain and his mouth, which has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion. He is still susceptible to direct orders from KCD personnel, with the proper clearance, and he will not take any action directly against KCD (with the exception of freeing others like himself).

Stack Overflow

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